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In accordance with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and Federal Hazardous Substances Act regulations, HOST® is not an eye irritant nor a primary skin irritant and is nontoxic by oral ingestion or inhalation. HOST® contains no dyes, no heavy metals, does not become airborne. Additionally, HOST® is Green Seal Certified. It is non-toxic and safe for your family or employees.

Our carpet cleaning methods prevent mold and mildew growthMold Spore Graph - Dry Carpet Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

The HOST® Dry method uses less than one teaspoon of liquid per square foot of carpet. HOST® does not leave carpets wet with dirty waste water that promotes mold and mildew growth in your home. Unlike wet methods, HOST® permanently removes mold and mildew from the carpet. According to the EPA, “moisture control is the key to mold control” and the HOST® System uses less than one teaspoon of liquid per square foot.

Dry carpet cleaning reduces indoor allergens and improves indoor air quality

The HOST® System of applying Dry Carpet Cleaner to the carpet, brushing it through the carpet and then vacuuming up the Carpet Cleaner removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST® System:

  • Reduces dust mites by 78%
  • Reduces dust mite allergens by 75%
  • Reduces cat allergens by 85%
  • Reduces mold spores by 85%
  • EPA registered facilities

It is unlawful for a manufacturer to claim that its products or equipment remove dust mites or mold from the environment unless the EPA has registered its facility. HOST® products are manufactured in an EPA registered facility (EPA Establishment Number 074202-WI-001).

Our carpet cleaning methods are approved for schools

Green Carpet Cleaning Seattle - Approved for SchoolsHOST® DRY Carpet Cleaner is used across the nation to clean schools and is preferred by many on-site managers based on performance, safety and environmental criteria.




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