How it works

If spots, spills, or dirty matted traffic paths have made your carpet less attractive, it’s time for a HOST® Dry carpet cleaning. HOST® deep-cleans and lifts matted pile, leaving your carpet soft, fresh-smelling, and ready to use right away.

Step #1 — We apply the hardworking HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaner

The hard-working HOST® SPONGES Dry Carpet Cleaner is applied to your carpet. HOST® SPONGES is a natural, environmentally friendly product that is safe for people and pets. HOST® SPONGES work like a kitchen sponge. They dissolve greasy soil and spots and absorb dirt, odors, and allergens to remove them from your carpet.

Step #2 — We use the HOST carpet cleaning machine to brush in the Dry Carpet Cleaner

The unique HOST® cleaning machine is used to brush in the HOST® SPONGES. This
brushing action reaches deep into the carpet, lifting matted carpet pile and removing soil that you might not even see! The HOST® SPONGES trap and hold the dirt, odors, and allergens so that they don’t get driven deeper into your carpet.

Step #3 — Then we vacuum it all up!

The dirt, stains, and allergens trapped in the sponges are lifted from your carpet and simply vacuumed away! Your carpets are deep-cleaned, soft, fresh-smelling and ready for IMMEDIATE use – no waiting for wet carpet to dry.


Fresh Air Dry Carpet Care has been cleaning carpets in the greater Seattle area since 1988! We went dry, so should you!